Addition & Remodel

This lovely colonial house was in need of some updates to be fully enjoyed by its homeowners and a growing extended family.

With a few moves, a little renovation and a gorgeous addition, this house was transformed into a home that fosters the way this family is really living it.

A laundry room that shared duties as a second entrance & mudroom that became too clutter to serve either function was moved to a deserved modern space in the much used finished basement. This gave enough space to the entrance to become a classy and functional mudroom for all the storage needs of this family.

With a simple “less is more” detailing, the existing side entrance was slightly enlarged to complement the colonial design of the house but making its own statement with the incorporation of rich wood decking contrasting with the wall, railing and paneling color.

The master bedroom was in desperate need of its own master bathroom which was added above the existing home sunroom together with a walk in closet. Special attention to detail was needed to incorporate the addition seamlessly with the existing structure. The original details of the home were replicated.

The interior of the master bathroom and walk in closet has all the glamour and modern features required by this busy couple. The interior reflects the traditional details of the existing construction.

To complete the renovation, a powder room and full bathroom received their own transformations replacing finishes and features with both traditional and modern elements that complement each other without abandoning the style of this classic jewel.


Type: Master En Suite Addition, Bathroom, Laundry, Powder Room
Location: New Rochelle
Construction: Northeast J&B Construction
Plumbing Fixtures/Vendor: BEST Plumbing